I teach marketing workshops.

I advise start-ups.

I write on business sites.

I run some dot coms.

Kind words from people I've served…

He’s been awesome. Very proactive. Always follows up. Very ROI-driven. It’s been a no-brainer for us working with him.

Noah Kagan (Facebook employee #30, Mint.com employee #4, now CEO of AppSumo.com & Sumo.com) on my work for AppSumo as an affiliate growing their email list.

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Taiwan's Startup Stadium wrote about my marketing workshop, where I teach my marketing process for building two 7-figure companies in 3 years.

I just taught a week-long program for 500 Startups' Korea portfolio companies and I'm Entrepreneur-In-Residence for Batch 26 of 500 Startups' San Francisco program. I'm also the new host for an Amazon Seller podcast called FBA Allstars.

I'm a shareholding advisor for select startups and I also offer ad-hoc by-the-minute coaching through Clarity.

Hi, I'm Nemo.

(Remember how we used to call it that?)

Here are some of the more recognized companies I've served so far…

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…Plus over 50 start-ups in 500 Startups' portfolio in the past 4 years.